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Vegan Butterless Apple Crisp

I finally finished my thesis and I am settled into my new job. I figured I would kickoff October by fulfilling a promise and write down my recipe for my butterless apple crisp that my friend has wanted. When my mom showed me how to make her apple crisp I realized just how easy it is to make. I figured that if I was going to make this again I should try and figure out how to make a healthier version. So I set out to determine how I could remove the butter and have my “healthy” apple crisp.
Whenever I make this I use my small corelle dish and end up eating the whole thing in one sitting. This time I decided to try using my ramekin dishes and make multiple individual ones. That way I do not feel compelled to finish the bowl.

Side Note: apparently the difference between a crisp and a crumble is that a crisp contains oats.
Ingredients5 apples (I’ve used Ambrosia, Red Delicious, Mcintosh, and Gala apples before)2 tbs (for the apples) and 1/4 cup (for the crisp) of brown sugar1/4 c…

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